About us

Our studies on Rubiaceae began in early 1990 with the revision of the genus Oxyanthus (Rubiaceae - Gardenieae - Gardeniinae) in Central Africa in collaboration with the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. Over the years we have developed and strengthened our collaboration with this prestigious institution which has a long experience in research on African Rubiaceae. Our collaboration began with Elmar Robbrecht now retired. But this collaboration continued with other colleagues in the same institution with which we have done several joint publications.

We also have a long collaboration with the Herbarium and Library of African Botany, Libre de Bruxelles.

We also have the support of our colleagues from the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and joint publications were made.

We have also developed a close collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Our work in Cameroon, we have the support of The University of Yaoundé I, the National Herbarium of Cameroon and various technical ministries.

Through this website we launch, we want to make more visible the collaboration with our partners and the support of our various institutions.
We invite all our colleagues to use this platform to disseminate and share our common findings.

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